Cembrit Launches New Visual Identity

Cembrit, one of Europe’s leading distributors and manufacturers of fibre-cement products, introduces a completely new, visual identity, including new website, logo, and payoff. Their new image marks the beginning of a new era for the nearly 90-year-old building materials group.

Cembrit is launching a new, international communication platform that unifies the group’s 17 subsidiaries across the European countries. New owners took over Cembrit last year, and the Danish building materials icon has now commenced a comprehensive, strategical shift from previously having manufactured primarily corrugated sheets to being a modern and flexible supplier of many types of fibre-cement building materials.

The group’s main focus for the coming years lies on facade products, and Cembrit has just opened a state-of-the-art production platform which is able to produce flexible solutions with a very short production and delivery time. In the coming years, roofing materials will continue to make up a significant share of Cembrit’s turnover, however, fibre-cement products for various sorts of indoor cladding together with building boards, including the popular Cembrit Windstopper, will be pushed even further to the foreground.

Cembrit’s new, international communication platform is designed to support this development within the group, and a just-launched, new website will be the main unifying factor across Europe:

- We want to be the best in the industry at online communication with our customers and stakeholders, and we have worked hard on this new website for more than a year now. It reaches across countries and supports the individual markets at the same time, explains Stefan Liedtke - CCO from Cembrit Holding A/S. He continues:

- On our website, you can download updated product information, find contact details for the individual staff member and not least be inspired by our facade and roofing products.

Cembrit also has a new logo which illustrates the ongoing, strategical shift within the group. The previous logo was characterised by a corrugated sheet, while the new logo symbolises all of Cembrit’s products:

- Our new visual identity clearly illustrates that we are so much more than a roofing company. We find it very important to convey the message that fibre-cement has a wide application range and is a very strong and maintenance-free building material, emphasises Stefan Liedtke.

Cembrit’s new payoff is “Building Better Days”, and both internally and externally, Cembrit is a company that looks towards a new future for the construction industry.

About Cembrit

Cembrit is the largest dedicated distributor of fibre-cement products in Europe. The most important product groups are flat sheets for interior and exterior cladding as well as roofing products. The company is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and has subsidiaries in 11 countries. Cembrit works strategically on developing new application possibilities for fibre cement and on expanding the total market for building materials in fibre cement. Find out more at www.cembrit.com.