Cembrit FC Trim Reversible

Cembrit fibre cement trim comes as double-sided trim. The trim has a smooth side and a wood grain side - leaving it up to you to decide which aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Cembrit Alu Profiles

Cembrit Alu Profiles is developed for an unobtrusive appearance around doors, windows, corners and other trim work. It comes in different colours to complement your choice of facade appearance.


Cembrit 38 Wood Screw
3.9x38mm Zytex GX - For hidden fixing on timber battens. Also available for auto feed screwdrivers.

Cembrit 27 Steel Screw
3.9x27mm Zytex GX - For hidden fixing on steel battens. Also available for auto feed screwdrivers.

Cembrit Facade Wood Screws
4.5x41mm A2 - For visible fastening on timber battens. Available in all colours.

Cembrit Facade Steel Screws
4.8x35mm A2 - For visible fastening on steel battens.

Cembrit EPDM

Cembrit EPDM 45/95 mm
To protect battens from water

Cembrit Plank Acrylic Paint

Cembrit Plank Acrylic Paint 0.5L
100% Acrylic Latex paint available in all colours.


Cembrit Gecko Gauge
Acting as a second set of hands to measure and support the next plank for fastening.

Cembrit Mechanical Shear
Dust free cutting of fibre cement up to 30cm long and 8mm thick.

Cembrit Plank Circular Blade
Fibre cement blade for circular saw

Cembrit Plank Guide
Guide for fixing a small amount of planks

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