To ensure correct and fast installation, we offer a wide range of high quality screws. The screws comes in matching colours for your chosen facade board.

Cembrit screws for fixing facade boards are made of stainless steel for achieving the highest corrosion resistance. Mushroom head wood screws (sizes below) are used for wooden sub-constructions. The screws have a sharp point and a fast cutting thread which ensure firm fixing with a high pull-out value. Furthermore, a washer is fixed on the tip of the screw to centralise it and to minimise penetration of water into the screw hole.

Cembrit CL-SW 4,5x30/36/41 mm

An alternative solution for wooden sub-constructions is the wing screw which is equipped with a cutting bit and therefore requires no pre-drilling.

Cembrit CL-SWW 4,9 x 38 mm

For steel sub-constructions with profiles ≥ 0.5 use Cembrit stainless steel self drilling and thread cutting screw with drilling capacity 0.5-1.5 mm.

Cembrit CL-SS 4,8 x 29 mm


On aluminium sub-constructions rivets are most commonly used. Cembrit rivets 4.0 x 20 K14 feature an aluminium body with a stainless steel mandrel. At fix-points, a sleeve is used to prevent movement of the board. In order to allow the boards to move freely in sliding points when influenced by moisture and temperature changes, a stand-off head must be used ensuring a small space between the board and the rivet head. Drill holes are made correctly with the centering device.

For securing the above mentioned free movement of the boards, it is of great importance that the drill hole in the aluminium sub-construction and the drill hole in the Cembrit board are concentric.


Cembrit EPDM rubber underlay (3x90 mm and 3 x 30 mm) should always be placed under the Cembrit boards using mechanical fixing.

Finishing profiles

As a part of our extensive range of accessories we have a variety of finishing profiles suited for all our facade boards. The profiles provides an aesthetic end-result on all building types.

The finishing profiles comes in matching colours for your preferred facade board.


Special drill bit such as TCT Drill (7-8-9 mm) from Irwin Tools for pre-drilling in the facade boards.

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