Education and Healthcare buildings

Cembrit fibre cement facade boards have been popular for school buildings for many years. Appealing to the architects’ needs to create inspiring and welcoming spaces to encourage learning with the schools’ and agencies’ highest requirements for fire protection, sound insulation, energy efficiency and low maintenance, these boards contribute to the low in-service costs and attractive learning environments.

Cembrit facade products have outstanding functional advantages - they are weather, impact and scratch resistant. The Cembrit facade boards can handle even moderate shocks or impacts from balls without damage and are easy to maintain.

The hospitals and healthcare facilities focus on how the architecture affects the health and well-being of the patients. The concept of “healing architecture” has been around since the 1980s to describe the positive impact architecture can have on the patient healing process, helping to eliminate the fear that goes into hospital stays.

Successful healthcare facility architecture must fulfil not only design demands for its interior and facade, but also the functional aspects of the design. Colours and formats do more than create a pleasant appearance. They can promote orientation and mobility in a single building or throughout the entire hospital facility using a guiding colour scheme. Indoor climate, safety, hygiene, sound insulation, and sanitary materials are other factors influencing material choices and design principles.