For easy covering of larger areas

Cembrit Panel is a large fibre cement sheet suitable for use when you want to cover larger areas or hard–to-reach places. It is especially well-suited for replacing plywood used in areas frequently exposed to rain and humidity like fascia boards, bargeboards, soffit and on dormer windows. It can be installed like any wooden alternative. Because of its excellent fibre cements properties, it does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting. The typical long service life of fibre cement gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure that is backed by a Cembrit 15 year warranty. Comes in two variants; with a smooth- and a cedar surface derived from a real cedar transfer system in 5 painted surfaces matching Cembrit Plank.

Choose colour:

Cembrit Panel

Non-through Coloured


Fire class
A2 - s1, d0

8x1220x3050 mm

Cembrit panels in durable fibre cement

A beautiful and useful facade solution in environmentally friendly fibre cement which is perfect for a professional finish on facades with Cembrit panels. Cembrit panels are particularly suitable for cutting, in areas where there is a need for flexibility and adaptation in special shapes and sizes. Cembrit panel is the ideal solution for facades, gables, underwear, eaves and verge.

Cembrit boards have a full opaque surface paint. An automated painting technique ensures the products with a beautiful and uniform surface and maximum resistance to the effects of the weather, etc .

For Cembrit boards include a complete range of accessories Cembrit trim, Cembrit end profiles and color custom screws for an attractive and professional finish to your construction. Ending profiles are used around doors, windows, corners, etc.

Accessories and profiles

Cembrit Panel can ideally be used as bargeboards, soffit and on dormers and other larger surfaces where the use of Cembrit Planks can be difficult. Cembrit Panel can be installed either in large format or cut to size. All cut edges must be resealed with 100% Acryllic latex Paint.
Cembrit Facade Screws in matching colours are used for mounting the Cembrit panels.

The toughest panels in fibre cement

• 15 year Cembrit Warranty
• Exceptional UV resistance
• Natural look with limited maintenance
• Easy to install
• Complete range of finishing trims
• Moisture resistant
• Stylish colour range

15 year warranty

Cembrit Panels are covered by the 15 year Cembrit Warranty, which includes products from Cembrit supplied from Cembrit A / S for retailers after 1 May 1996.

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Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel installation manual


045 Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel


CE 2017 045DoP Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel