Using Cembrit Plank and Panel for renovation projects

There are many reasons why Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel are frequently used when renovating homes, buildings or in urban regeneration projects.

Remodeling your home exteriors with our Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel fiber cement products provides you a good return on investment, helping you to increase the overall market value of your home.

Before renovation:

 After renovation: 

  • Easy to maintain and install

Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel are easy to work with – for individual or private home owners and the professionals. Depending on the desired design, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Surprisingly light-weight given their robust, durable nature, they are an obvious alternative to existing cladding, giving additional protection to the house while bringing a touch of long-lasting elegance.

To further minimise potential hassle during installation, we offer plenty of accessories, from various aluminum and fiber cement profiles and trims (in the colours matching the planks/panels) to screws, tape, paint and even tools.

For more information, please contact one of our Cembrit Project or Sales Consultant to help you with recommendations on using Cembrit Plank and Panel for your upcoming projects.

  • Helping reduce energy bills

Energy efficiency is another area in which Cembrit Plank can make a difference. By using Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel as cladding on top of an existing brick wall, it becomes possible to introduce an extra layer of insulation between the two surfaces.

Cembrit Plank are ideal for replacing high-maintenance wood as an alternative solution in multiple instance. As a weatherboard for example, or in soffits, gables, dormer windows, fascia boards, hanging eaves, garages, or as balcony skirting. 

Meanwhile, Cembrit Panel are generally used in hard–to-reach places (where mounting multiple planks may prove challenging) and as a replacement for plywood sheeting in areas exposed to rain and humidity. Examples of these include fascia boards and dormer windows.