With the natural look and feel of wood

Cembrit Plank is the ideal solution to replace the use of high maintenance wood on your facade. It can be installed like any wooden facade alternatives. Because of the excellent properties of fibre cement, it does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting. Cembrit Plank comes in 20 painted surfaces that will guarantee a consistent coverage. The typical long service life of fibre cement gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure that is backed by a Cembrit 15 year warranty – the highest warranty in the market. We offer a broad spectrum of design possibilities. Comes in cedar and smooth surface and special colours are available upon request.

Cembrit Plank

Non-through Coloured


Fire class
A2 - s1, d0

8x180x3600 mm

The future maintenance free "woodwork" is Cembrit Plank

Cembrit Plank is a new facade product that is optimally adapted to the European climate. The stylish colour range consists of 19 different colours, incl. the popular anthracite grey (RAL 7016 ). Besides the 19 colours, the Cembrit Plank product range also includes a paint-it-yourself version and the possibility of ordering special colours.

Supreme materials

Cembrit Plank fibre cement is non-combustible and has a unique ability to withstand the European weather. The Planks are lightweight compared to their great strength and ability to withstand external influences and features a high pH value that makes it resistant to algae and bacteria and the growth of moss, fungi etc.

Cembrit planks are available in two variants, one with a smooth surface and one with a cedar structure. Cembrit planks with cedar structure has a natural, beautiful finish with a large variation in the pattern. The planks resembles wood but contains all the strong characteristics from fibre cement. The products have a great and long-lasting paint, which ensures that the expression of the planks remain realistic and true. Customization, handling and installation is simple, and the complete range of accessories ensures an attractive and professional finish to your construction. To complete closure around windows, doors, etc. Cembrit recommends using end profiles developed for the purpose.

Cembrit has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing and sales of products in fibre cement, and offer sustainable and lasting solutions for your building.

The toughest plank in fibre cement

• 15 year Cembrit Warranty
• Exceptional UV resistance
• Natural look with limited maintenance
• Easy to install
• Complete range of finishing trims
• Moisture resistant
• Stylish colour range

15 year Cembrit Warranty

Cembrit Planks are covered by the 15 year Cembrit Warranty which include products delivered by Cembrit Holding A/S to the distributor from 1 January 2017.

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