Cembrit Patina Inline - FAQs

Q. Why is Cembrit Patina Inline a good choice?

  • Top 15 year warranty
  • High quality board
  • Characteristic living surface responding to natural light and viewing angle
  • Easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Complete accessory programme
  • Widest product assortment in the market
  • Cembrit Patina Inline is covered by the same CE-marking as other Cembrit facade solutions

Q. How is the quality of Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • It is a high quality product covered by the normal Cembrit warranty. 

Q. How extensive is the warranty for Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • Cembrit Patina Inline is covered by the same warranty as other Cembrit Patina solutions

Q. Has the Cembrit Patina Inline undergone surface treatment?

  • Yes, the surface is hydrophobizised - denies dirt and filth.

Q. How is Cembrit Patina Inline cleaned?

  • Cembrit Patina Inline is cleaned in the same way as Cembrit Patina Original. Even though the grooves are designed to let water run off there is a risk that moss can start growing in the groove if the lines are installed horizontally; in this case water and a mild detergent should used to clean the board. High pressure cleaning is NOT recommended.

Q. What is the colour range of Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • Cembrit Patina Inline is available in three colours - 050, 070 and 545.

Q. Are any more colours planned for Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • Currently, no other colours are scheduled.

Q. In which dimensions is Cembrit Patina Inline available?

  • Cembrit Patina Inline is available in the below standard dimensions:

Q. Can 1192mm and 1250mm boards be combined?

  • The profile of the two board widths is slightly different thus combinations cannot be recommended.

Q. How is Cembrit Patina Inline installed?

  • Easy installation without the use of special tools. Installing with rivets or screws take care to make the hole in the board in the center of the top board.

Q. Does standard profiles and accessories fit Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • Yes, it is the same as Cembrit Patina Original.

Q. Is it possible to paint Cembrit Patina Inline?

  • No

Q. Is Cembrit Patina Inline available in special colors?

  • No

Q. Are Cembrit Patina Inline samples available?

  • Yes, samples are available in size 297*207mm (slightly smaller than A4 size).

Q. Can Cembrit Patina Inline be installed alongside with Cembrit Patina Original?

  • Yes, with consciousness about the different surfaces and structures on the facade individual design, appearances can be created. Consider installing in combination with Cembrit Patina Rough as well.