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Cembrit Multi Force

Building Boards

Cembrit Multi Force

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Cembrit Multi Force

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Appearance Thickness Width Length
1 colour 9 - 12 mm 900 - 1200 mm 2550 - 3000 mm

Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force

Building boards are among the most fundamental components of modern construction. The ability to protect and shield the building and the assets inside, is what makes these boards, essential to sustainable buildings.

A high-performance building board like Cembrit Multi Force offers applications where requirements cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood building boards.

These building boards are used in many varied locations and has wide-scale applications across market segments. Cembrit Multi Force covers everything from weather barriers on private houses to fire barriers on high-rise buildings.

Cembrit Multi Force is the versatile building board designed to meet more than one technical requirement at a time – like withstanding exceptionally hard use and preventing moisture penetration and mould growth at the same time.

Multi Force is a high-quality building board that is an ideal solution for inner wall plates that can meet specific requirements for creating practical and functional indoor spaces.

Product features:

Technical data

Coating and surface

No coating



Fixing - aluminium

Not applicable for this product

Fixing - steel

Cembrit Multi Force is fastened with Cembrit SCR-S 4.2x30 mm Universal screw on a steel frame. No pre-drilling is needed.

Fixing - wood

Cembrit Multi Force is fastened with Cembrit SCR-W 3.9x38 mm Universal screw on a wood frame. No pre-drilling is needed.


Fibre cement


Cembrit Multi Force functional board is the ideal solution in cases where lightweight walls and ceilings have to be able to withstand exceptionally hard use and protect in case of fire.