Interior Applications - Cembrit Multi Force

When the practicality outweighs aesthetics

Every building has areas where functionality is more important than aesthetics. Some rooms are left empty most of the time and only occasionally occupied. They can be slightly heated or not heated at all, leaving a cold and humid climate. Still you need to rely on the walls to stand for years without damage.

In a storage area or garbage room, you are looking for a robust surface that can easily be cleaned and will not deteriorate when exposed to chemicals or biological impact. The easy cleaning and resistance to moisture and mould make Cembrit Multi Force an optimal choice.

When intensive usage is life as usual

Schools, day care facilities and sports centres - areas where people live and work or kids play, require a lot from the interior in terms of durability, noise control and fire safety. A lot of people at the same time, a lot of noise and activities around the clock with limited chances of maintenance puts heavy pressure on the materials.

The versatility of the Cembrit Multi Force board makes it possible to meet all these requirements - without compromise. Type walls are available for specific fire and sound requirements.

For more information, you can download the Cembrit Multi Force installation manual.

When technical performance is key

In industrial areas with equipment and processes, you will often find humidity, noise and high temperatures. Thanks to its unique material composition, Cembrit Multi Force is unaffected by micro-organisms, alkaline or organic solvents. It can withstand most of the chemicals and humid environment, which makes Cembrit Multi Force, ideal in light industry settings.

In production facilities containing chemical substances or highly combustible materials, you will often find stricter requirements to the building materials used. To ensure a safe environment for employees and to protect production assets, Cembrit Multi Force is installed for enhanced fire protection.

With Cembrit Multi Force installed in interior walls, less noise will be transmitted from a busy area to adjacent rooms or to the outdoor environment. When you are looking for a resilient high-performance material to last for decades with little maintenance, Cembrit Multi Force is the right choice.