Cembrit Multi Force - ideal for indoor use

Cembrit Multi Force boards do not contain any dangerous or harmful substances, nor do they release any toxic fumes that could pose a risk to your health. These fibre cement boards will not be damaged by rot or mould growth when exposed to humid environment over time.

Together these properties contribute to a healthy indoor climate and make Cembrit Multi Force, the ideal choice for indoor use in rooms where people live and work. The durability and the fire-retardant properties of the Cembrit Multi Force makes it an ideal choice in situations when wanting to safeguard people or assets you care about.

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Perfect choice for outdoor areas

The unique ability to withstand moisture and rough treatment makes Cembrit Multi Force ideal for a wide range of outdoor areas.

Cembrit Multi Force holds some of the same properties as Cembrit facade boards and can ideally be used in semi exposed outdoor settings like balconies overhang, sheds and annexes as long as the boards do not freeze when soaking wet.

The durability of the board will easily withstand the changing weather and ensure a lifelong protection.