Cembrit - good to know


Product documentation

Cembrit has legal documentation such as CE mark and DoP which are based on initial type test and fire test. We document our products according to the harmonised standards following our products.

In addition to this, Cembrit has a third-party verified environmental product declaration (EPD) to document the use of primary energy consumed throughout the production stage of Cembrit's products.

We have also documented some of our products according to the sustainability Certification system DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. Furthermore, our indoor products are certified according to criteria's for chemical components and off-gassing to the environment.

For further information on how we document the sustainability of Cembrit's products, you can contact Cembrit for more details on what our documentation covers.

Comparing EPD's?

In general, it is not possible to compare Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). The input and output of the datasets are individually set up, and the parameters for Life Cycle Assessments can vary. Some EPD's are based on a cradle-to-gate, others are based on cradle-to-grave. Depending on the approach of the EPD, the data varies.

When Cembrit's products are used in a building, our EPD data is required and set into the overall Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Total Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for the building.