Cembrit - good to know

Maintenance & Repair


Cembrit  products  require very little maintenance. With easy-to-clean surfaces, fewer cleaning materials are required and less time needs to be spent on cleaning therefore the cost of cleaning is reduced. Also, as a result of requiring fewer cleaning agents the environmental impacts are reduced.

The main materials in the facade products are engineered fibres and cement, which make the products unaffected by day-to-day impacts and resistant to almost all external conditions. The products are produced to withstand extreme weather conditions and therefore there are little or no costs associated with their maintenance.


The tough durability of a fibre cement products also extends their overall service life - reducing the need for regular replacement. If a board gets damaged, you simply take down the damaged board and replace it with a new.

Easy replacement

The tough durable nature of a fibre cement products delivers a long service life. As a result of this, resources are saved in the production of new products. If replacements are needed, the products can be easily removed from the building as the majority of fibre cement products are mechanically fixed. This way our products can be removed in a non-destructive way and easily replaced.

Installing our products

Our installation manuals provide information and illustrations on how to install our products correctly. It is very important that these guidelines are followed to ensure correct installation and maximise the performance of our products. The warranty provided with our products is conditional on their correct use and installation. You can find the instruction here: Installation Guides