Cembrit - good to know

Raw Materials & Resources

What is fibre cement?

Cembrit produces fibre cement products for the construction industry mainly used for roofing, facade and build & Indoor. The key components in Cembrit products are cellulose, engineered fibres and cement, which makes the products strong and unaffected from day-to-day impacts and highly resistant to most external conditions and impacts.

Local Materials

Cembrit is focused on the use of local suppliers. Where possible raw materials are extracted locally and delivered directly to the Cembrit factory. Sourcing local raw materials contributes to the local community and lower CO2 emission in transportation. Finished goods are transported by train or by sea when possible to lower CO2 emission during transportation. 

FSC Certified Cellulose

All our products are produced with wood pulp fibres from either pine or spruce from a FSC-certified supplier.