22. September 2021

Cembrit introduces Cembrit Patina Signature - a brand new facade board with endless design options

Turn buildings into canvases with new Cembrit facade board

With Cembrit’s new innovative facade board, almost any design can be applied on the boards, adding a new type of expression to the building, and serving as a true reflection of architects’ creative vision.

Imagine being able to transform the entire expression of a building with just minimal effort. With the new Cembrit Patina Signature facade board, Cembrit has made it possible to change smaller details or even the entire look of buildings and facades. Cembrit’s new technology allows patterns or motifs to be embossed in two ways on the boards, allowing architects and builders to turn buildings into canvases.

Cembrit Patina Signature is an addition to Cembrit’s innovative product lines of facade boards, and a result of an increasing demand for customized facades:

- At Cembrit we constantly strive to introduce innovative products that make a difference in the construction industry. For a long time, we have seen an increasing demand for customized facade solutions, and with Cembrit Patina Signature we take the next step towards creative freedom. With its unique and diverse design features, the Cembrit Patina Signature facade board allows architects and builders to rethink what the expression and character of facades can be like, Tina Wied Ballisager, Group Product Manager, Facade at Cembrit explains.

The brand-new Cembrit Patina Signature facade board is based on the popular Cembrit Patina Original and Cembrit Patina Rough, ensuring you the quality and legacy you already know from other Cembrit facade boards. Thereby, the facade board possess the same well-known quality features of fibre cement products, such as excellent durability and low maintenance, but with a new touch of customisation:

- Thanks to our new technique, the Cembrit Patina Signature is an upgrade of our other fibre cement facade boards in terms of design options. We practically sandblast almost any design on the board by placing a foil of the design on the board, sandblasting around it, hence providing a version where either Cembrit Patina Rough or Cembrit Patina Original is the most dominant, Tina Wied Ballisager continues.

For Cembrit it has always been crucial to work closely with customers and clients, and now Cembrit has added a new dimension to the partnership with architects:

- Architects are visionary and creative professionals that want to add value to the society we live in. With our products, we want to provide quality assured materials that can support and strengthen their visions and creativity. And with Cembrit Patina Signature, we have done exactly that, providing architects and customers with almost endless design options, Tina Wied Ballisager states.

About Cembrit Patina Signature

  • Available in 5 colours; three shades of grey, sand and white: P 020, P 050, P 070, P 545, P 222
  • Four standard dimensions (1192/1250 x 2500/3050)
  • Facade board with customised design
  • Endless design options