04. April 2017

Cembrit Sets a New Standard for the Woodwork of The Future

Monday, 3 April 2017: Today, two brand new siding products, Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel, are introduced in selected European markets. The overlapping plank and larger panels are popular substitutes for regular wood siding due to their weather-resistant properties and close resemblance to wood. Cembrit Plank and Panel come with the highest warranty in the market – a 15 year Cembrit Warranty. There are 15 different colours to choose from and the products accompanied by a complete set of accessories. The introduction of the new plank and panels is Cembrit’s response to an increased market demand for more options in fibre cement facades with wood texture.

The building material manufacturer Cembrit now launch two new siding products: Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel. The Cembrit Plank is an overlapping plank with a natural-looking wood texture and is an eco-friendly alternative to products that require a lot of maintenance, such as conventional wood. It is especially well-suited for replacing plywood used in areas frequently exposed to rain and humidity like fascia boards and on dormer windows. Because of its excellent fibre cements properties, it does not rot, crack, warp or require repainting.

Fibre cement planks with wood texture are becoming a more and more popular building material, and Cembrit’s product launch is a direct result of an increased demand in the market.

The new siding products come with a 15 year Cembrit Warranty – the longest warranty in the market of fibre cement. However, the expected service life of the planks is much longer because fibre cement siding have a unique ability to resist even the roughest weather conditions such as frost, snow, rain, heat and direct sunlight. The Cembrit Plank products maintain its look and strength through many years – with only a minimum of maintenance.

The 15 carefully selected colours include the popular Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016). Besides that Cembrit also offers a paint-it-yourself variant as well as the option of individual, customized colours. The Cembrit Plank and Cembrit Panel are accompanied by a complete set of accessories in matching colours that ensure a stylish finish.