09. January 2018

Product news: 5 new smaller facade board formats just launched

Tuesday, 9 January 2018: Today Cembrit launches 5 new smaller formats to complement their existing facade board range. The new range is called ‘Cembrit Small Module’ and as the name suggests, they are all smaller versions of Cembrit’s existing large size boards: Cembrit Cover, Cembrit Solid and Cembrit Patina.

The small module boards retain the exact same properties of the existing full-size boards and are available in 15 different colours, with more to come. That’s an initial offering of 275 new products that all add to enhancing the creative expression on your facade!

The introduction of the new formats is Cembrit’s response to an increased market demand for smaller format facade boards that allows the architect to exploit more colours, different formats and textures within the same built environment.

-With the introduction of Cembrit Small Modules we aim to highlight these advantages and at the same time optimize the resources spend on a project. In an industry with a strong focus on minimizing the time spent on the building site; we are now taking another step to ensure that our products arrive on-site ready to use with only a minimum of manually processing.” Says Magnus Sommer, Manager, Group Products & Innovation at Cembrit

Additionally, Cembrit provides a specific service offer on this new range to increase flexibility for customers: orders can be delivered within 2 weeks on key colours, and the installation method has been simplified even further to complement the concept of the small formats. This all adds to making the use of ‘Cembrit Small Module’ an even more attractive option.

Magnus Sommer further explains:

- For an architect choosing Cembrit Small Module, one of the benefits are that while maintaining the creative possibilities, the final result will be sustainable both in terms of material usage and cost. The contractor installing Cembrit Small Module will experience a ready to use product, delivered with cut and sealed edges and optionally even pre-drilled holes.

‘Cembrit Small Module’ comes with a 15 year Cembrit Warranty – the longest warranty in the market for fibre cement boards. The expected service life of the boards is however much longer because Cembrit fibre cement boards have the ability to resist even the roughest weather conditions, such as frost, snow, rain, heat and direct sunlight.

For more information about 'Cembrit Small Module', click here