Product installation support

On receiving the floor-plans and the desired facade boards for the project, Cembrit will review and make suggestions on the different layout possibilities so that the final layout could be decided by you.

  • Once the layout and design are fixed, Cembrit will make a complete drawing with dimensions of the boards, position of the boards etc.
  • We will also do the packing of the pallets to align with the preferred installation plan, pre-drilling drawings/drilling coordinates.
  • Before the installation starts to walk, we offer to walk through the installation guideline of the board and sub construction, pallets and our project specific documentations.
  • The turnaround time for Cembrit support is a couple of days for a project including the drilling coordinates and in case of large, complex projects would take 8 to 10 days.

In case it is a restoration, we visit the site and measure it together with the contractor prior before we start the design of the facade boards. Eventually, being able to give the opportunity of measuring the facade boards is what helps to close the deal with the entities.