The Cembrit Warranty

Cembrit fibre cement facade boards are covered by the 15-years Cembrit Warranty.

Our primary focus is always to live up to our responsibility as a supplier and business partner. We guarantee our products’ long-lasting quality and durability. Cembrit Warranty does not write-off the value of the products throughout the warranty period – instead it covers the craft costs.

This means that the warranty is not graded – and that it covers all additional expenses such as, for example, craftsman hours, dismantling and assembly.

Cembrit Guarantee secures the owner of the property at any time, to which Cembrit products are used. If the property changes ownership, the new owner is thus guaranteed by the guarantee.

The core of Cembrit is not fibre cement - it is our customers. Therefore, we not only distinguish ourselves on products, but also on customer experiences.