Ventilated Facade

The facade boards by Cembrit not only add personality, they are also the perfect match for a ventilated facade. The self-ventilating facade is a wall construction which contributes to minimising the temperature variations and moisture in the wall throughout the year.

Sunlight and heat are ventilated away from the building and insulation behind the facade boards reduce heat loss during winter times, and reduced heat accumulation on hot summer days. At the same time, the natural ventilation passing through the structure minimises the risk of condensation.

The ventilated facade comes with many additional benefits and features that includes:

  • Protection of the underlying structure against weather
  • Drainage of rain water away from the structure
  • Low weight facade enables energy-efficient design
  • Thinner wall structure, as the facade will take up less space

The boards offer flexibility in design - can be installed with open horizontal joints or with joint profiles. Horizontal joints contribute minimally to the natural ventilation and therefore, profiles can be used in these joints, if required for design or technical reasons.

The ventilated facade offers the possibility to combine different exterior materials with the same base structure. By combining fibre cement with wood or render you can create a modern and individual look of your building.